Big Adventures: the Alaska files

I have worked with horses for 20 years now. I love horses and always will. But, about a year ago I started to wonder if this was going to be a career path for the rest of my life. A quarter life crisis, if you will. Nothing will ever give me more joy than to be on the back of a horse. However, it is an extremely hard business to be involved in. After working hard for a good 15 years, I found myself a slightly burnt out. I have decided to put horses on the back burner for a little while and do something a little different…ok a lot different.

In the last few months I made a decision to make a big jump in my life and start a crazy adventure. In January of this year, I found out my boyfriend would be relocated to Alaska due to him serving in the Coast Guard. I had a few options on my hands. I could either continue to work in Wellington Florida, I could move back to my hometown in Tennessee, or I could move to Alaska. I know the suspense is killing you, drum roll please….. I chose Alaska. Ketchikan Alaska to be exact.

I already had my horse up for sale, but I knew I would have to sell him before season was over in order to make this move. It’s not like I could take a horse to Alaska. For most of the winter months I focused on training and marketing Faraon. In late February, I sold him. I could not have asked for a better home or a more perfect match for Faraon. There were most definitely lots of tears putting my horse and most of my equipment on a truck to head to their new owner. It was really bittersweet for me. I knew Faraon won the lottery with his new mom. I was very proud of the fact that I trained him myself almost from the ground up. I felt proud that he was someone’s dream horse, and I got to make him for her. But it definitely felt like the end of an era. I was very attached to Faraon from day one of owning him. He was full of personality and he had a work ethic like no other horse I have worked with. I also knew this would be the last horse that I get to call my own, for a while at least. No one knows what the future will hold, maybe I will be back training horses sooner than later, but for the moment I am looking forward to a slight change!

By slight change, I mean moving from sunny south Florida, to chilly Alaska. Drastic, you could say. We have only a couple of months to arrange everything, so it has been a bit crazy to say the least. I am planning to stay with my family in Nashville for the month of April. My first niece is due on April 7th so I want to be home to welcome her. I will spend every moment possible with “Zoe” and my beautiful sister. Then, in the second week of May, we plan to start our road trip to Alaska. Yep. You read that right. I said road trip. We are completely out of our minds and we are throwing our two dogs in the car and driving from Florida to Alaska. I told you I was about to start a huge adventure right? Might as well start off with a bang. We plan to take 2 weeks for the trip. At the moment, we plan to take the scenic route. This route will take us from New Orleans, to Dallas, to Denver, all the way up to Calgary. Then we finish the drive to Prince Rupert where we will board a 6 hour ferry ride to Ketchikan Alaska. I can’t even imagine what all we will end up going through. I’m picturing flat tires, dogs puking, running out of gas, sitting in endless traffic…. “Adventure”. However, I’m also hoping it could turn out perfect and be an awesome road trip with a ton of sightseeing. Only time will tell! For now, we are stocking up on plenty of rain jackets and hoodies, finalizing a place to rent in Alaska, deciding what vehicle to take and also soaking up all the sun we can in Florida before we head north. Way north. I have no doubts I am going to have lots to write about in the next few months. I hope everyone will follow us on our journey!


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