Chicago and Hurricanes

I’m currently sitting on a plane headed to Nashville listening to screaming babies. My boyfriend and I were scheduled to head back to Florida this evening but unfortunately Hurricane Irma changed our plans. The massive storm is headed right for south Florida. I was ready to head down south and make sure my horse was situated and ready to weather out the storm but my loving (/protective) parents and boyfriend weren’t going for that and put me on a flight home to Nashville for the week until Irma decides what she’s going to do. Who knows where it will go or what path it will take but at this point it’s not looking so fun. So why take any chances of not getting out in time. I am extremely fortunate that I have a great support group in Florida that is taking care of my horse. They are making preparations and I can’t thank them enough for being so amazing and giving me some peace of mind. Sadly for boyfriend, he does not have a choice with his job and he is headed back down south. We loaded him up on flashlights, batteries and portable phone chargers in Chicago since Florida is already out of almost everything. He had the smart idea of trying to order food and water on Amazingly enough, they were already out of bread and water but we managed to get Gatorade, peanut butter, Pringles and granola bars headed to his house. Meals of champions right? I hope everyone will keep Florida in their thoughts and prayers. We can only hope this storm will weaken and keep everyone safe. I hope everyone that is still down south will be smart and get to a safe place. 
On a positive note, I want to say what a great trip we had in Chicago. We managed to do everything we wanted to in not a lot of time and without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorite things we did.

1. Portillo’s– this was the place where we had the amazing Chicago hot dog. It was just a little ways from the Midway Airport. Awesome, diner type restaurant and from what I have heard it’s the place to get the best Chicago hot dog. Don’t be scared by all of the interesting (/weird) toppings and just do it. Truly delicious.

2. Sky Deck- the sky deck is located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. This is probably the priciest thing that we did but I can say it was 100% worth it. You take the elevator to the 103rd floor where you will find a massive room surrounded with glass windows where you can see for miles. In each corner that have a glass box that you step into. Literally glass floor and everything. Daunting? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Do yourself a favor and go experience this. 

3. Millennium Park– we loved being tourists in Chicago so we felt this was a must. It’s a gorgeous park and it was beautiful weather so we really enjoyed walking around and of course getting a picture in front of “The Bean”. 

4. The Goddess and the Baker– I saw so many bakeries that I wanted to try on instagram and Pinterest for Chicago but I had to decide on one. We chose The Goddess and The Baker and it did not disappoint. Very unique and delicious coffee options and a full case of pastries and treats. Their lunch menu also looked delicious even though we opted for a deep dish pizza.

5. White Sox game– my boyfriend is a White Sox fan so we had to do this. I love baseball games so I wasn’t saying no. Again we had great weather and the park was so nice. I mean I ate a Chicago dog watching the Sox… can’t complain right?

6. Redamaks and Oinks– both of these are in New Buffalo Michigan, close to where we were staying but they had to be on the list. Redamaks had one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of cheeseburgers). Oinks was an ice cream shop just down the road and it was heavenly, they had an endless list of unique flavors and it did not disappoint. If you are in this area, go check them both out. 

So while I am a bit bummed I’m not headed back to Florida to my horse with my boyfriend, I am very thankful for a fantastic week that we had! And even though it is unfortunate circumstances, I’m very excited to see my family and be home for a little while. In the meantime, I hope everyone keeps Florida in their prayers.

  1. I understand and appreciate your parents and boyfriend wanting to keep you safe, but I am really worried about your horse in the path of this hurricane. Know that we are praying for his safety, for his stallmates and those staying to care for them. I guess at this point it is too late to get him evacuated. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you through whatever is to come. Love you all!

    1. Thank you sherry! I am also very worried for him as well as all the horses in the barn. As well as my boyfriend and his fellow coast guard members that have to stay back. Please keep all of them in your prayers for protection and a miracle.

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