The Alaska files: Fishbowls and CRVs



It is quite amazing how much has to be accomplished before moving to Alaska! Luckily we are rocking and rolling through our check list as we come to our 6 week away point. Last week we finally jumped a big hurdle and figured out which car we would be taking to Alaska. Matt owned a small sports car that certainly would not be ideal for snow and I owned a fairly new small SUV that we weren’t too excited about racking up miles on. Matt’s car was… lacking some love, lets say. We tossed it into the Craigslist world and hoped for the best. He got very lucky with his Hyundai that was missing some door handles and paint and sold it for a decent price. He is now the proud new owner of a Honda CRV. Known as the “soccer mom car” to his coworkers and the “fishbowl” to himself. It may be lacking in cool points but we officially have our road trip vehicle!  One big hurdle: done.

In the mean time I have been trying to get myself packed. Heres a riddle for you. Try to pack for 6 weeks in Tennessee for March/April (aka could be snowing could be 100 degrees), 3 week road trip in May, and first 3 weeks in Alaska…all in one fairly small bag so it fits in the “fishbowl”. I’ve done a decent amount of traveling and moving around and like to consider myself somewhat of a pro packer, but I think I have repacked that bag about 5 times now.

We have also almost finalized housing in Alaska. Apparently a lot is done through Facebook in Ketchikan. Luckily I thought to research some groups on Facebook and ran across two great pages with lots of housing and very helpful people. We somewhat figured out the area and where we wanted to be and found a great location very close to the Coast Guard base. It’s slightly terrifying talking to people you have no idea who they are and renting a house that you have never seen in person. But alas, we are going for it and hoping for the best.


Now I am waiting for a call from my sister saying my niece is on her way into this world. As soon as I get that call, myself and my dog Nala are hoping in the car and making the 13 hour drive north to Nashville. I will play Auntie for about 6 weeks then our giant road trip begins. In the interim, I quickly realized that when you have been riding for 20 years and then stop… you have to work out quite a bit more. Who knew? I am spending more time working on my fitness and attempting to eat a little cleaner.. but I also want to go to all my favorite Florida restaurants before I head north. So I am currently putting my tennis shoes on to head out for a run. Life’s a balance right?

We still plan to drive through New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Colorado Springs, all the way up to Calgary then to the ferry in Prince Rupert to Ketchikan. If anyone has any “must stop” places in any of these locations, please let us know! I am doing lots on Pinterest research on the important things…restaurants and bakeries.. but would love to hear some of your favorites!

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